On this website I present my works. They deal with questions about philosophy, information theory, art, law and economy.

My works are immaterial. Every work is a file and has been electronically signed in compliance with the German Digital Signature Act. The electronic signature is equal to a written signature on a physical document. Additionally every signature contains a time stamp, proving that the file existed and was known to the signee at a specific time.

The titles of the works are not arbitrary, random or time based. Instead they are SHA256 hash values of the works’ data.

Every work is published under a license which transforms its usage rights using the bitcoin infrastructure into a immaterial good. The granting of the right to transfer the good is exclusive, that is legally limited to only one licensee. The immaterial good has following attributes:

  • In spite of its immaterial nature, the good is legally and technically limited and independently transferable respectively tradable.
  • The authenticity of the signature and the signature date of the work, the good is based on, can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • The acquisition of the good comes with more usage rights (e.g. the right to copy and to publish the good) than the acquisition of a material good.
  • The “ownership” of the immaterial good and the entitlement to the connected usage rights can be proven by the owner beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • The good can be securely and instantaneously sold or transferred worldwide with minimal transaction costs.
  • If the good is paid with Bitcoins it can be securely sold worldwide without the need for an escrow service.

Hence the good has many attributes of a material good, but also additional attributes, like the possibility for a proof of authenticity of the signature beyond a reasonable doubt, which is impossible or very difficult for material works. Besides the good can also be based on a immaterial work like a piece of music.

Because of the technical provisions of the license a list of my works can be found in the bitcoin block chain.